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Hickok Center for Brain Injury in Rochester NYThe mission of the Hickok Center for Brain Injury is to provide a safe, supportive environment that encourages people with brain injuries and other neurological challenges to design and direct their own life journey. If you or somebody you love is a survivor of a brain injury then the Hickok Center for Brain Injury may be for you.

The Hickok Center for Brain Injury, Inc. was incorporated in Rochester, New York in 1989 as the Rochester Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury, Inc., with the goal of starting a Center for people with brain injuries. By April of 1996, the Ray Hickok Center, a program of the Rochester Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury, began to admit members to the French Road location. In 2001, the Center moved to a small space in Village Gate Square. The name was officially changed to the Hickok Center for Brain Injury, Inc. in 2002. As the number of members increased, the center again moved to a larger space at Village Gate in 2003. Again in 2005, the center expanded, leasing additional space at Village Gate.
In April of 2006, that goal of owning our own building became a reality. The center purchased a building on 114 South Union Street in Rochester, NY. We finally have a place of our own.

Currently, the Hickok Center for Brain Injury provides the following services:

     • Service Coordination
     • Structured Day
     • Managed Care
     • Long-term Care
     • Community Integration Counseling
     • Supported Employment services

Through the dedication of members, staff, volunteers, the Board of Directors and all of our supporters, the Hickok Center for Brain Injury will continue to provide a place where people with brain injuries are encouraged to meet their life goals in a safe, supportive and respectful way.

The Hickok Center delivers real results through strong leadership and an experienced interdisciplinary staff that tailors programs to member's individual needs.  Read more about our team below.

  Admission Criteria

Hickok Center for Brain Injury in Rochester NY

Each program has their own admission criteria. Please call the Hickok Center for more information about admission criteria for specific program of interest.

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Message from the CEO

Elaine Comarella of the Hickok Center for Brain InjuryI am tremendously proud and privileged to serve as the Hickok Center for Brain Injury’s CEO. The Hickok Center has evolved from a small agency serving a handful of adult survivors of brain injury to a thriving agency that embraces a strong foundation of commitment, integrity and excellence; an agency moving forward into a new era of growth and opportunity in the communities it serves.

We live in a rapidly changing environment; one in which our members have available to them exciting opportunities and a future full of hopes and successes. It is the goal of our staff and board to recognize these opportunities and be responsive and accountable as we strive to meet---- and even exceed---- member expectations. To do so, the Hickok Center combines our professional skills, and unique member-driven approach with a well-grounded knowledge of the supports that we provide our members.

The Hickok Center has also developed a strong Board of Directors and strong teams in our Rochester and Newark locations. We all possess a “can-do” spirit that translates to solid, dependable programs for our members.

Thank you for visiting our web site and welcome to the Hickok Center for Brain Injury.

Elaine M. Comarella

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