Our Philosophy

The Hickok Center for Brain Injury strongly embraces member-driven supports that enable each member to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

Whether a person participates in our centers’ day component or receives individualized support at the center, in the community or at home, our philosophy is the same: member-driven and focused on independence and self-sufficiency.

Program participants are able to develop skills and learn compensatory approaches to daily living through performing functions that are realistic and applicable to their goals.

Members select the skills that they wish to develop and are then given the freedom to learn at their own pace.

A Caring Environment

Hickok Center for Brain Injury
Many individuals who have sustained a brain injury have limited opportunities to socialize with other men and women. Our centers’ day programs provide a caring community for members to build friendships, share coping mechanisms, encourage one another and aspire to reach their full potential, in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

Daily supportive group discussions facilitate social interaction and are a primary method for problem solving and achieving unity. Along with daily life skills, member-planned social and recreation activities and outings help members discover new hobbies to enhance their leisure time and teach them how to access community resources.

The understanding and acceptance that develops between members and staff is integral to the success of our program. Our staff steer away from the traditional role of “directing” activities. Instead, we work alongside each member to assist him/her in achieving personal goals, and self-advocacy is encouraged.

Our objective at the Hickok Center for Brain Injury is to offer each person a continuum of support that they need to accomplish their goals in a dignified, professional manner.

Community Social and Recreational Events.

In addition to the work operating the Center, members have the opportunity to socialize with peers at the Center and participate in community social and recreational events.

Our goal is to provide social contacts for members to reduce their isolation in the community and ultimately to provide new relationships which will carry over outside of the Center setting.

Member Focus

The flexible setting of the Center allows members to select the skills that they wish to develop and have the freedom to learn at their own pace.

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Activity Choices

The goal of our structured day/day habilitation programs is to provide a variety of choices for members so they will always find an activity that interests them. Members are offered several activity choices each day – many member-suggested, organized and facilitated – including: computer classes, cooking groups, men’s/women’s groups, free expression through creative writing and the arts, with competitions, discussions, organizing clubs for model-building or movie viewing and discussion, physical education; the list is ever-expanding.











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