ROCHESTER, N.Y.January 4, 2006 -- Nazareth College and the Hickok Center for Brain Injury, Inc. are proud to announce a partnership agreement to create a learning center that will be housed at the Hickok Center. Since 1993, speech-language pathology students and more recently physical therapy students have been providing limited cognitive-communication and movement therapy to the members of the Center.

This agreement of collaboration which was fostered in November 2005 will open the door to the expansion of interdisciplinary learning experiences for Nazareth students and faculty and for Hickok Center’s staff, members, and families.

“Having students work with brain injury survivors within the Clubhouse Model practiced at the Hickok Center will provide our students with a unique clinical experience.” says Shirley Szekeres, dean of the School of Health and Human Services at Nazareth College.  “With the learning center initiative, students will be able develop their clinical skills as they increase their understanding of the long term effects of acquired brain injury and gain greater insight into the challenges of delivering community reintegration services within the current health care environment”

There are many different causes of acquired brain injury.  Some brain injuries are due to trauma, such as motor vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds, falls, assaults or sports injuries.  These types of injuries are called traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).  Other acquired brain injuries are the result of problems in the brain; such as brain tumors, lack of oxygen to the brain, strokes or aneurysms, infections or arterial venal malformations. 

After experiencing brain injury, an individual can be affected by:

  • Memory loss or amnesia
  • Decreased capacity for thinking that involves decision-making, organizing, reasoning, planning and processing new information
  • Difficulty understanding or expressing oneself in language such as finding the words they want to say, or articulating words
  • Reduction of social skills, i.e. may say some things that are inappropriate
  • Emotional effects like denial, confusion, anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, etc.
  • Difficulties with lifting, coordinating movements, balancing, walking, etc.

The Hickok Center provides rehabilitation by engaging members in meaningful activity with coaching, promotes group identity and support, and provides opportunities for practice to help brain injury survivors reach their full potential to select and participate in activities and become successful in self-management.

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