Reopening to Participants!!


The Hickok Center is back up and running… with some slight changes.

This reopening will be a phased approach, limiting it to only 15 participants to initially return beginning on Monday, June 29th.  We will continue to monitor and assess our situation and increase capacity as we are able and feel comfortable in doing so. We have decided to initially reach out to the participants we have not been able to connect with via our virtual day program and/or to those that do not require HCSS/CDPAP to attend.  We will continue to offer (unless otherwise directed) our virtual day program along with our physical reopening.

All participants are being provided choice, letting them know it is ok if they wish not to return at this time and continue to offer virtual day program if they would like to participate that way.  Those who choose not return will go to the bottom of our list and we will contact another participant to take that spot.

Below you will find 2 policies that participants will be asked to sign off on upon their return.  If someone does not feel comfortable complying with these new guidelines they will be asked to remain home from SDP at this time.

Other things that we will be instituting at this time are as follows:

  • All participants will need to have a face covering on when they are not able to maintain distancing (we will be posting signage etc. to show areas they are not able to sit in order to maintain distance).  If they do not arrive with a face covering we will provide a mask to them.
  • We will not be providing lunch at this time so we ask that participants bring their own lunch or they will have the option to order delivery.  Therefore we would recommend letting staff or other support know to assist participants if needed, with preparing a lunch to bring with them
  • Community outings will be on hold and/or limited at this time (we are anticipating to start outings to outdoor settings-parks etc. and will increase outings upon further considerations)
  • Use of gym equipment is not permitted at this time due to NYS guidelines but we will allow for use once given the go ahead.
  • Physical distancing measures will be visible throughout the building and certain areas will be prohibited to SDP participants until further notice.

We will be reviewing all new policies with participants upon their return as well and providing prompts/reminders as needed throughout the day.

Health and Safety Policy

Participant Health Screening Policy

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 271-8640.

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