F. Oliver Basket Winner and Announcement of Next Basket!

Give a Little & Give for Good


A Happy Chef today!

Thank you Cami, you are our winner of the F. Oliver Exceptional Ingredients Package 🥳Thank you to everyone that contributed this week and please SHARE if you know someone that would love to be a part of the fun!


There is nothing more Invigorating or Empowering than completing a successful DIY Project. 🦸‍♀️

This package donated by Karen Boehm will give you the tools you need to do just that! A Lowe’s gift card for $20, Hammer, Heavy duty clamp, Flashlight, Long nosed pliers, a Level and ruler, Batteries, Duct tape and much much more are all included in this package! You are ready to conquer any project with these essentials!

Please SHARE if you know someone that would love a chance to win this package. For every $20 donation to our GoFundMe Campaign you are entered for a chance to win this wonderful package but only until Thursday, December 17th!


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