Give a Little and Give for Good

Life gives you second chances and it is our obligation to make the best of them. That is exactly what our participant Lil’ Stevie has done. Over-coming hardships of gang violence and drug abuse, Lil Stevie, proud father of two, attends the Hickok Center with an admiral goal of broadening his scope of giving back with volunteerism. Lil Stevie loves helping his peers and being a part of “taking care of the Center” and has come a long way on his journey. When Lil’ Stevie first started program he was considered to be “emotionally unwieldy and unpredictable; some peers even begun to view his presence as unsafe.” Emerging now, Lil’ Stevie is someone that his peers say is upbeat, fun, approachable and supportive. Focused and driven he continues to work on developing his skills in communication, facilitation, emotional management and increased social skills. Thank You Lil’ Stevie for your words of support and encouragement for the Hickok Center…We Concur!

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