Joan and Gordan Swarthout Family Fund

Joan and Gordon Swarthout are members of our Center’s founding families. Joan has a daughter, Deborah, and due to Deborah’s brain injury and Joan’s personal struggle to find services for Deborah in our area, they established the Rochester Foundation for Persons with Brain/ Head Injury. Joan Swarthouse, Janice Avery and James Avery incorporated the foundation on August 10th, 1989.

We wouldn’t be here today without the courage and commitment of our founding families, which is why we are proud to honor Joan Swarthout with a memorial fund. Joan’s health is declining, and her family is visiting for her birthday in mid-June. Joan also has a son, David Swarthout, who owns Brighton Landscaping and assists Joan and Deborah while they are encouraged to stay in their home where they have resided together for their entire lives. Paul Kavanaugh is the nephew of Joan and wishes to establish a memorial fund as an on-going gift to Joan that his cousins, family and others could contribute to for years to come.

On June 10th, the day Paul is visiting, we are hosting two of the band members from Big Logic and the Truth Serum. Big Logic is the band that donated their time and played for us at Brain Waves, Day of Caring and Trivia Night. The band will be performing for our participants beginning at 12:30p. It will be a very special day full of excitement for all!