Give a Little & Give for Good

Our Hickok Singers, although not all have been able to return to program yet, normally this time of year visit local nursing homes to sing and make crafts with the residents. Since  our Hickok Singers are unable to do so they have instead decided to sing a few Holiday Favorites for YOUR enjoyment.

We hope this Fills your Hearts with Merriment and Joy as it does ours and that everyone enjoys a Beautiful Holiday Season with those closest to you. Thank you all!

Give a Little and Give for Good

Meet Aaron and Brenda, two of the Hickok Center’s BIGGEST cheerleaders!

Whether it’s socializing with others, trying new activities or finding their Zen during Yoga, these 2 best buds are not only there for each other, but they are often heard around the Center encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone, try something new and to always “Try, Try, Try” their best!

The Hickok Center provides a Safe and Non-Judgmental Place for people just like Aaron and Brenda to meet and develop friendships, find encouragement and support with one another and to try new things at their own pace! Please DONATE today to help support the Hickok Center mission and people like Aaron and Brenda!

Give a Little and Give for Good

Congratulations SUSAN on winning the DIY Package!

Thank you to everyone who has donated! Please SHARE so we can continue to move towards our $10,000 goal!

Our next basket is….

This $25 Build-A-Bear Workshop Gift Card with Back-pack and a Stuffed Buddy is here for you TIMES 2…that’s $50!!! One for a Boy and one for a Girl! These packages make a Great Gift and something Spectacular to do with the Kids, Niece, Nephew and Grandbabies! Shop while also supporting something Good. Now that’s what we call Guiltless shopping!

For every $20 you donate now through our GoFundMe Campaign until Christmas Eve you are entered for a chance to win these TWO Build-A-Bear Packages. Please SHARE if you know of anyone that would also like a chance to WIN!! Thank You.

Give a Little and Give for Good

Life gives you second chances and it is our obligation to make the best of them. That is exactly what our participant Lil’ Stevie has done. Over-coming hardships of gang violence and drug abuse, Lil Stevie, proud father of two, attends the Hickok Center with an admiral goal of broadening his scope of giving back with volunteerism. Lil Stevie loves helping his peers and being a part of “taking care of the Center” and has come a long way on his journey. When Lil’ Stevie first started program he was considered to be “emotionally unwieldy and unpredictable; some peers even begun to view his presence as unsafe.” Emerging now, Lil’ Stevie is someone that his peers say is upbeat, fun, approachable and supportive. Focused and driven he continues to work on developing his skills in communication, facilitation, emotional management and increased social skills. Thank You Lil’ Stevie for your words of support and encouragement for the Hickok Center…We Concur!

F. Oliver Basket Winner and Announcement of Next Basket!

Give a Little & Give for Good

A Happy Chef today!

Thank you Cami, you are our winner of the F. Oliver Exceptional Ingredients Package 🥳Thank you to everyone that contributed this week and please SHARE if you know someone that would love to be a part of the fun!


There is nothing more Invigorating or Empowering than completing a successful DIY Project. 🦸‍♀️

This package donated by Karen Boehm will give you the tools you need to do just that! A Lowe’s gift card for $20, Hammer, Heavy duty clamp, Flashlight, Long nosed pliers, a Level and ruler, Batteries, Duct tape and much much more are all included in this package! You are ready to conquer any project with these essentials!

Please SHARE if you know someone that would love a chance to win this package. For every $20 donation to our GoFundMe Campaign you are entered for a chance to win this wonderful package but only until Thursday, December 17th!

Give a Little and Give for Good

“Participant of the Year” is how we, here at the Hickok Center, would best describe Kadeem! In March 2021, we will continue the annual tradition of holding our Brain Waves Award and Music Event for Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming months but until then we present Kadeem, in his own words!

Give a Little and Give for Good!

Give a Little Give for Good

On March 2021, along with Awards, Live Music, Appetizers (and a little bit of dancing) 🕺💃our Brain Waves Event will spotlight a Key Note Speaker, Joy Leccese.

A Certified Master Life coach, a parent of an individual with a TBI and a volunteer here at the Hickok Center. Joy is that and much more! She continues to contribute by running the Noah’s Ark Method group monthly with our participants while also residing on the Board of Directors and Chairing the Fundraising Committee.

Thank you Joy, for your kindness and knowledge have touched us all. Please watch the video of Joy & Zack and if you are as inspired as we were consider joining us in March to hear Joy live at our Brain Waves Event and do not forget to bring along friends, family and FUN!!!

Amazon and Tablet Winner and NEW Basket Announced!

Give a Little and Give for Good!

The winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card and Samsung Galaxy Tablet E is… Hank and Marilyn J!!

Congratulations and THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far!

Didn’t win this raffle? Don’t worry we have more coming your way! Check out our next post to find out more!!

The next basket is a Package from F. Oliver! If you or someone in your list loves to Shop and Cook Gourmet, then we have the package for you! This F.Oliver package was donated by the O’Brien Family includes a basket full of products to elevate your every day with exceptional quality and uniqueness.

Included inside is 1 bottle of F.Oliver’s “Special Reserve” Balsamic Vinegar, 1 bottle of F.Oliver’s “Tuscan Garden” Flavor-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 jar of F.Oliver’s “City Style Herbs” Spice Blend, and 1 of F.Oliver’s Cookbooks! Every $20 donated will get you one entry in the drawing for this amazing package!

Thank you for going us on our journey!

Check it out on our Facebook page!

Jermaine’s Testimonial

Give a Little and Give for Good!

“I am working towards becoming a Leader and love coming to the Hickok Center”. Words spoken by Jermaine a participant at the Hickok Center. Jermaine, has grown tremendously during his time here and although he still has goals that he is trying to achieve he has come to embody a peer role model for our other participants. Jermaine tells us that he enjoys showing new peers around and what they can do while at the center and although, he still tends to be shy while out in the community here at the Hickok Center Jermaine is quite accomplished. Running the Sports Talk Group, Assisting with the Football brackets, Attending Tool Time & Making it on Mondays while also taking a turn to run Morning Meeting when possible. “I like attending a lot of different outings…I get to go to places in the community that I normally won’t get a chance to do…as for socialization…I have made a lot of friends at the Hickok Center.” Jermaine’s Testimonial is here for you to watch today and please consider continuing to support us through this GoFundMe Campaign so we can work with individuals like Jermaine who can have the life they desire with our help.



The moment that you contribute to the Hickok Center you become a part of our family and you support over 65 local participants that need your help, your inspiration and your generosity.

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