Vocational Prep Class

Hosted by the Hickok Works Vocational Team!


What is a Vocational Prep Class?

A considerable amount of young adults, as well as, adults that have experienced a neurological event have difficulties transitioning into the work environment. This is difficult enough for those without a disability.

Pre-Vocational education introduces participants to the world of work and begins to prepare them for entry into the competitive workforce. Our goal is to assist individuals with disabilities to not only prepare them for the world of work but to help show them that they are capable of anything! We focus on participants ABILITIES rather than their DISABILITIES to help gain confidence, provide resources, and teach job skills.

Class Schedule and Description:

Class 1: Basic Presentation of Self

Class 2: The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

Class 3: Workplace Communication and Teamwork

Class 4: Active Listening Skills, Connections, and Introductions

Class 5: Interviewing Presentations, Community Resources, and Resume Prep

Class 6: Applications and Networking

Classes will be held in April, May, and June.

~Each class will be $25 per person.

*If you sign up for all 6 classes and pre-pay you will receive $10 off your purchase!


You might be thinking… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

After you have completed the first 6 classes you will be eligible to sign up for Individual Vocational Classes with an Employment Specialist. These classes will work on individualized resume and cover letter development, addition resources and assistance, and specialized mock interviewing.

~The cost for private classes will be $45 per person for an hour and a half time slot.

Payment options include:

  • Online through Square

Payment Link: $25 per session

Pay Here

Payment Link: $140 for all 6 sessions ($10 discount)

Pay Here

Payment Link: $45 Individual session

Pay Here

  • Personal Check or Cash- Made out to Hickok Center for Brain Injury (Memo) Vocational Class

Location: 2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road Rochester NY 14623 Suite 500.

Contact Information: Susan Morgan or Jenna DiPasquale                   585-271-1031 

smorgan@hickokcenter.org or jdipasquale@hickokcenter.org


Ex: 2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd. Rochester, NY 14623
Ex. Brain Injury, Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, etc.
Name, Relationship, Phone Number and/or Email Address
N/A - Not Applicable Ex. Seizures, Other Conditions.
N/A - Not Applicable, Assistive Technology, Level of Independence with Personal Care, etc.
Ex: ACCES-VR, Case Management, Waiver Services, etc.